End of Tenancy Cleaning-a Big Hardship or a Possibility?

Hey, everybody! Do you have your own house? Yes, some of you are lucky and maybe happy with that fact. The others, like me, have a different point of view and a living concept. My soul wants to be free, to travel, to search for …etc.

I dream of opportunities to live in different residences and to seek interesting places, views, people, so on… At this moment in my life, I don’t want to be a property owner and to dwell quietly at my own home without adventures and colourful ways to spend my time. But everything comes with a price and with the consequences. If I want to run away from the routine, I have to change my housing very often.

When you are living on rent, like me, be careful with one constant part of the contract – your obligations to the property maintaining after leaving the rental. End of tenancy cleaning, After tenancy cleaning or Post tenancy cleaning…? That is not the question, because these three phrases are equal.:) When I have heard them for the first time I was really confused.

What does it mean – The home must be washed, disinfect and handed over to the condition in which it was rented. The very meaningful detail is that the cleaning should be carried out by a professional service company.

How to find a company, which provides an end of tenancy cleaning service?

If we clean the residential spaces by ourselves, the landlord will not return the deposit we have settled up, because he won’t be sure the hygienic standards are maintained.

When you find the appropriate cleaning company which provides After tenancy/End of tenancy/Post tenancy cleaning you will be happy, hopeful and free to pack your stuff and to think about your new adventure, new home, forgetting for the cleaning process.