Three Signs That Your Tenancy Cleaning Contractor Is Really Good

If this is the first time you move out, you probably feel anxious about every step of the way. Are the movers going to break anything? Have you left something behind? Will the tenancy cleaning contractor do a good enough job to get your deposit back? On that last point, here are three easy-to-spot signs that you have made an excellent choice.

The Cleaners First Call Is To Your Landlord

The best contractors in the business prioritise getting in touch with the property owners as soon as possible. It is courtesy more than anything else, but it puts the entire process on a positive footing. Do not forget – you only have one chance to make a good first impression!

They Can Immediately Provide You With A Comprehensive Cleaning Task Sheet

It shows you three things:

  1. The cleaners will cover every square inch of cleanable surface in your former residence.
  2. It will not be an improvised effort but a well-oiled process based on experience.
  3. It makes it much easier to check the quality of service once the cleaning is done.

The Contractor Can Provide You With A Precise Price Quote Before The Procedure

We advise avoiding any cleaning company that cannot show you precise numbers. There is nothing to hide in tenancy cleaning – the leading companies work with standard estimates, not some quantum physics formula.